Learn how to build backlinks to get in the top of search results. Effective links can be gold while bad links can be SEO suicide.
effective backlinks

What are backlinks?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks are considered the golden ticket to getting your business ranked on Google’s top search results. The number of quality backlinks linked to your website, directly promotes your SEO ranking to help push your business to the top of search engine results.

What are these magical backlinks? They are simply links that are directed towards your website. Here is an example of a backlink to my website, Search engines like Google, give more importance to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks.

Search engines have become very smart over time to help promote fair business and to disable people from hacking the system. To get featured on the top search results, there are certain practices that you must follow for quality link building. It is extremely important to know how to build backlinks that will help your business rather than hinder it.

For instance, it is better to get a couple links from websites with high domain authorities or high page ranking, then from thousands of new sites with a low ranking and a low domain authority. The worst-case scenario is getting a bad link to point towards your website which can then block you from Google all together! Google Disavow is a great tool to remove spam links from your website.


How not to build backlinks?

Be Strict on Guest Posting:

Certain steps are being taken by Google like penalizing spam links by degrading the sites which accept guest posts excessively. This will certainly reduce the spam related to your guest posts. It is better to build a readership than building backlinks. Focus more on the reader interaction.

Stop buying links from other sites:

The latest algorithm of Google has the capability of detecting where your backlinks are coming from. Getting your links from spam building sites or irrelevant sites will hurt your SEO score and can get you blocked from Google.

Blog comments don’t add value anymore:

When you leave useless comments on blogs, the link goes unnoticed due to poor quality. Also, comments on WordPress blogs are by default ‘not followed’. Additionally, there is the possibility that your comments might get caught by Akismet spam filters – giving your company a bad name on the web. If you want to write blog comments, make sure that they are thoughtful and relevant. If blog owners find your comments useful, then there is a possibility that they will share a link to your blog/website – creating a quality backlink (golden ticket!).


If you have more than one website, you will need to be careful when interlinking multiple websites on the same IP address. Too many links to websites sharing the same IP address can seem sketchy to search engines, causing an SEO suicide. This is also known as backlink bombing.

Contact an SEO expert for a strategy to push your business to the top of Google’s search results that complies with the new backlink regulations.

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