E-REPUTATION: become essential

E-Reputation, why is it so important and why it is linked to your ranking in 2020. Don't waste time and be knowledgeable in 2020!

focus on reutationE-reputation is the brand image, the ethic that your company transports across the web.

Your e-reputation determines your notoriety and your online visibility, it plays a major role in gaining the confidence of your prospects and acquiring new leads.

The secret to having an e-reputation at the top is to focus on your brand image continuously and therefore your content marketing strategy is very important. We will give you tips to help you build your content and build your e-reputation.

Know and listen to your community

Give your opinions, comments, discuss on the forums of your market. In this way, you will always be aware of the questions and problems of your customers and prospects.

It is also important to work in collaboration with your sales department, which will be able to relay the information gathered in the field, to the concrete needs of your customers.

Now that you have gathered all of this information, you can now create content that meets the needs of your community.

Having a blog is the most effective tool for spreading your content (articles, practical guides, videos, infographics, etc.). Your blog allows you to regularly and freely publish your content and animate your community, it is essential for your content marketing.

When you create your content you have to keep in mind the concept of added value. This content must carry value, be relevant and useful for your customers, your prospects and more generally the actors in your market.

This content develops an expert image in your market. The quality increase your credibility and your legitimacy, you become essential.

A content strategy open dialogue with your community and the quality of this dialogue has a strong impact on your e-reputation.

Answer to comments your customers speak on the web and wait for a response. Your answers show the importance you place on your community, which makes it heard and listened to.

Finally, every venture faces comment or opinion that might be negative, take special care in your response. Your responses and reactions in this type of situation can be decisive for your e-reputation

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