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SEO trends: take action

Let’s dig in: we’re not expecting a major SEO revolution for 2020, but rather a strengthening of the evolutions already implemented in recent years. Scared of the announcement of the Bert algorithm by Google? We will explain everything. Bert is above all an improvement for Google more than a revolution in terms of SEO.reflect in glasses SEO trends to succes

1: A search engine that aims to become a response engine

Google and Bing aim to not only provide you with a list of results that can correspond to a random query but what you mean behind your query and what are you really looking for. The major challenge for them is to understand the intention of the user behind a request: What, Why is he looking for that? Which page meets their expectations?.

The engines now try to focus on what users want.

John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, recently advised SEOs to focus more on the search intent of the user than on keyword optimization.

But how do you respond to this intention? And how does Google think your page is relevant? This is when Bert comes into play. Bert (for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is none other than an algorithm that must provide more relevant results for queries in natural language. The objective of Google by using this type of algorithm is simply to better understand the semantics of a text, its relevance to a request made and therefore to better identify the search intentions of the user.

2. Go for better quality

“Content is key” and trust us this will not change. Thrive for always more quality in your content creation is a direct result of the latest advances in engines, especially for Bert. The formula is: if the engines understand the language better and better, it is in your interest to carefully write your content that it is seen as relevant and qualitative for Google.

Then the technique. With the consideration of the mobile versions before the desktop versions, the technical stakes remain as important in SEO. Page loading time, code quality, depth, broken links … In short, have the cleanest site as possible you can contact us for any free audit and advise at

These two aspects coordinate together: to make the experience of a user pleasant. Quality content and sleek navigation are key elements to make come, stay and come back to your site. Remember: before serving an engine, your site serves Internet users.

3. Local SEO takes flight

in November 2019, Google confirmed an update to its algorithm. It specifically targeted local search results. The goal? Always the same: better understand the research intention to offer to users the most relevant local results.

If this is compatible with your sector and your company, we can only recommend that you optimize your local SEO. There are several ways to do so:

– Google My Business 


– If you have a network of physical stores, create unique and optimized pages for each of these brands


– Monitor your e-reputation and collect reviews

( see article:

4. voice search is fashion

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana (Microsoft’s voice assistant) … Voice assistants are increasingly being used. It is a mandatory trend on which it is important to prepare now.

Now you are ready to face future Google updates and optimize your SEO most efficiently. All these trends point to the same goal of quality.

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