We help you create a beautiful, highly-responsive, fully functional and effective website for your restaurant to drive customers and boost your sales to a great extent.

Restaurant website design and online marketing

Do you know that restaurants are the most searched items from a mobile device? Estimates reveal almost 60-65% of people who search for a restaurant, place an order or visit it within the next 30-45 minutes.

Hence, if you are running a restaurant and you don’t have a website to help people know about your food menu, dining options, timings, reserve a seat or place an order online, then it is high time you create one.

Let us help you with your restaurant website design and online marketing.

mobile website design for restaurants and digital marketing

Why Choose Webcreation for Your Restaurant Website Design?

At Webcreation, we help you create a beautiful, highly-responsive, fully functional and effective website for your restaurant to drive customers and boost your sales to a great extent. With our website design for your restaurant, we can guarantee to:

  • Attract online visitors by a large scale
  • Create a strong presence on search engines
  • Engage your visitors on your website with a brand story and an impeccable menu
  • Convert visitors into repeat customers
  • Increase online orders
  • Increase dine-in guests
  • Stay ahead of your competition

Let’s see what your restaurant website will feature:

Mobile-First Website Design

It is crucial to have your restaurant to get easily located through mobile phones. Our design is highly optimized for mobile devices, so that no matter what kind of device your customer will use, they will get impeccable user experience.

Restaurant Menu

When it comes to a restaurant website, the menu is an important aspect. While many just add a screenshot of their restaurant menu-card, we give you options to add menu names, descriptions, add menu photos, daily special menus, update prices, etc. Hence, a customer looking to visit your restaurant will have a clear idea of the menu available and what they need to order.

Photo Gallery

Of course, the location, the ambiance and settings are essential for a restaurant. If you have that one of a kind restaurant with a different theme, then why not show it to the world. Customers would love to see the place and the ambiance before they would like to visit your place.

SEO Optimized – Quick Loading Website

The latest Google algorithm also takes into account the loading time of a web page. Hence, it is extremely important to have a website that is fast loading to increase your chances of a better listing in search engine results. Our website designs are lightweight, highly optimized and load super fast.

Online Ordering

Why give commission to other third party online ordering services, when you can provide your own full-fledged online ordering system. With our customized online ordering system, customers can quickly search for their favorite items and order quickly with just 3 clicks of a button. Our ordering system will also include:

  • Mobile ordering
  • Credit card payments
  • PayPal integration
  • Coupon integration
  • Feedback management
  • Order management
  • POS integration
  • SMS Order / Confirmation

Targeted Digital Marketing For Your Restaurant Website

At Webcreation, we have a team of highly-skilled, creative and innovate members of digital marketing experts and professionals, who will assist you in taking your restaurant business to the next level.

restaurant web design and online marketing to order food online

Let’s look at some of the digital marketing services we can provide for your restaurant business:


Social media marketing is a must-have for every business out there. The three social media platforms every restaurant should be on are: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Facebook – 49 percent of people search Facebook to find restaurants.
  • Instagram – Instagram is the number one social media app for engagement with restaurant brands through social media marketing.
  • Twitter – Businesses can get close with Twitter and engage directly with customers.

At Webcreation, we make sure your social media profiles look great and engaging and also provide you with statistics and reports about your customer engagement in social media.



Email marketing is a potent weapon for any business, and hence we provide features to collect customer’s email at various junctures through your website. And we also create email marketing campaigns to inform your customers about any special offers, deals, new menu additions, etc.


People trust social media reviews than anything, and hence, it is important for businesses to keep track of reviews posted about their businesses online. Our restaurant review management tool collects all reviews posted on social media channels to enable you to take necessary action based on the reviews.


Local SEO is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization as it is the local customers who form a major part of your businesses. Our local SEO strategies enable your business to be found easily. Your restaurant’s reviews and citations play an important role in getting your business listed in local search results.