Architecture and construction are all about visual appeal and structure of homes and buildings. Your website should showcase your skills, talent and past projects to bring you new projects.

Website Design And Digital Marketing FoR ArchitectS And ConTRACTORS

Whether you are an architect or a construction company, you need a website. A good website gives you an online presence and is essential to showcase your skills and talent. With a website, you can showcase your previous work to potential customers and get more projects.

As an architect or contractor, your website needs to be well-designed and beautiful as your profession is involved in the aesthetic and look of buildings and structures.

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At Webcreation, we have been trusted by many architects and contractors to launch their websites to help attract new customers and boost their projects to a great extent. When you choose us as your website designer and developer, you can expect a high-quality website packed with every feature that an architect or a construction website needs. Here is an example of one of our architect websites in San Clemente, California.

Another benefit of using our professional and experienced website development and digital marketing company is that we’ll be able to generate traffic and market your business.

Visual Appeal

The architecture and construction industry are all about visual appeal. Hence, customers will also look for the same on your website. Some think that your website design and the visual appeal showcase your skills and talent.

Hence, it is vital to provide a striking and beautiful visual persona to your website. Our team of highly skilled and experienced website designers will capture all your requirements and showcase your brand identity with an exceptional, visually appealing design. The design will include beautiful architecture based motifs, icons, and images to enhance the appeal.

Your Portfolio

One of the most visited pages in an architect and construction website is their portfolio page. It is where one can see all their previous work and accomplishments. The portfolio page will reveal everything about the architect or the construction company in terms of their style, design, taste, quality, etc.

It is much more than a set of pictures neatly arranged as a gallery. The portfolio must be designed in such a way that it creates an interactive experience with your customers. We will also provide options for your customers to search and filter your work based on their requirements.

Your Services

The services page lists all the services you provide. One of the significant mistakes that website design companies do is bury the primary services inside the services page. Only if the user clicks and visits the services page will the user come to know about the services. But we provide your primary services as navigational links under the service menu to enable them to remember your services at just a glance at the services menu.

Customer Testimonials

People always like to see what other people say about things that they wish to buy. Hence, if you display some positive reviews from your past customers, then it will act to help make your customers trust you and place an order quickly. We also provide video testimonials as you can always write a couple of sentences and put any name as your customer. But a video testimonial adds credibility to the website in a meaningful manner.

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We also provide high-quality and targeted digital marketing campaigns to boost your business and generate traffic to your website. Our digital marketing services include:

Landing/Home Page Design & Optimization

Surveys indicate that more than 30-40% of internet users leave a website by just seeing the homepage and without visiting the other pages. At Webcreation, we can create you a landing page to keep users engaged. It is vital that a landing page is both appealing, optimized, and loads quickly. A good quality landing page or a home page will help in converting a visitor into a new project.

Website Copywriting

Content is the King, no matter you have images and videos. And your website is one of the best marketing tools that showcase your business and skills to a great extent.

Hence, it is essential to have content in the form of articles and blogs to present your best pitch to the client and your knowledge and experience, etc. We provide you with the best and compelling SEO-rich articles that will boost your search engine rankings, as well.

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